Photography, inkjet cotton paper, 100x150cm, A.P., 2016


Photography, inkjet cotton paper, 70x100cm, A.P., 2016


Photography, inkjet about cotton paper, , 25x30cm, edition of 6, A.P., 2016


Photography, inkjet cotton paper, 100x70cm, edition of 2, A.P., 2016


Double channel HD 1080p video, silence, p/b. 08´06”. A.P., 2016



The work shown in this exhibition, by Carlos Gonçalves, centers on the construction by layers of both the referents and the pieces themselves. If it is possible to recognize in one of the drawings a series of small constructions that accumulate themselves giving substance to a family space to the Algarve and, in a more general way, to Portugal, one can also recognize the revelation of that same accumulative effect in the other two media exhibited, video and photography. If the base of this plastic research is found in the accumulative effect referred to experienced by the author, we can also understand an interest for the concept of multiplicity developed by Henri Bergson and, subsequently, by Gilles Deleuze through the change of course that Carlos Gonçalves establishes in the course of his exhibition. 

– Rogério Taveira, curator of the exhibition (2016)


Multiplicity remains completely indifferent to the traditional problems of the multiple and the one, and above all to the problem of a subject who would think through this multiplicity, give it conditions, account for its origins, and so on. There is neither one nor multiple, which would at all events entail having recourse to a consciousness that would be regulated by the one and developed by the other. 

– Gilles Deleuze, Bergsonism (1986, 14)

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