The Meat of Desire – Montreal, 2016

Art Matters Festival - POPOP Gallery

Art Matters Festival – POPOP Gallery


“The Meat of Desire” is a series of images where pork meat was used as an artistic material. Inevitably, embodies the various definitions and metaphors placed upon the idea of pig. The artwork emerged after analysing consumption versus desire, and its disruptive associations. It intends to be a shocking experience as it attracts you by the details and repulses you by the content. It exposes the oppressive and problematic nature of meat-based diets and recalls our pornographic consciousness in order to reanimate life lost in slaughter. Thus it restores two referents concealed in commercialized meat: body & brutality. For that, I used advertising strategies to make the viewer think about the moral implications of eroticizing, politicizing and fetishizing meat.


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