Carlos Maria Gonçalves's Profile

Nome Carlos Maria Gonçalves
bio born in Portimão, 1980. Lives and works in the district of Setúbal and studies in Lisbon. FORMATION: Currently studies in master course (MA) of Multimedia Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon; Post-graduated and Graduated in Multimedia Arts, specialized in Audiovisual in the same Instution; Professional Photographer by the Portuguese Institute of Photography; studied in EPAOE - Professional School of Arts and Crarft of Show Business (Chapitô), Lisbon, Portugal. COLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS: Algarve Photography, IPJ - Portuguese Institute of Youth, Faro, Portugal; Quinta do Conde has Artists, Quinta Do Conde, Palmela, Setúbal, Portugal; Photography Collective IPF, Instruction Society Guilherme Cossoul, Lisbon, Portugal; Essay for an Exhibition, April 25th Association , Lisbon, Portugal; GAB-A - 10th edition, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon, Portugal; Art Residency RésVés, Alte II, Museum Cândido Guerreiro e Condes, Alte, Loulé, Portugal; Paula Rego Prize, House of Stories Paula Rego, Cascais, Portugal. INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITONS: Heap Up - Drawing, Photography, Video and Sound, Municipality Museum of Faro, Faro, Portugal. RESIDENCIES: Art Residency RésVés Alte II. PRIZES: 1st awarded in category Poster, AlgarMat - Meeting of Maths Teachers, Faro, Portugal. EDUCATION: Coordinator / Trainer Courses of the Artistic Drawing, Municipality of Lagoa, Portugal. Teacher Multimedia Technics disciplines, Professional Course of Multimedia Technical of Secondary Teaching and Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and the second and third levels of Adult Teaching (EFA) of Ministery of Education of Portuguese Governmet since 2015. Foundation and project Coordinator Digital Multimedia Arts Club in Group of Schools Francisco Simões, Almada.